Can Porzingis injury Open the Door for the Mavericks?

Written by: Tyler Zajac

Injury Analysis

Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis has a new injury after battling a calf injury early in the playoffs. During game two against the Dallas Mavericks he suffered a torn medial retinaculum in his left ankle. This has put his availability for game 3 tonight in question.

His injury is being described as very “rare” and something that hasn’t been seen in the NBA, meaning there is very little information on how this will ultimately affect him in game. The retinaculum is one of the structures that holds the posterior tibial tendon (PTT) in place along the ankle. When this is torn his can allow the tendon to dislocate. This causes decreases in performance.

The PTT helps jump and push off, two obviously very important things in the game of basketball. With the injury Porzingis suffered he will not only be dealing with pain and swelling but also a decrease in his basketball specific abilities.

The overall feeling out of Celtics fans and even their camp however seems to be optimism as he showed up for the shoot around with no brace and no limp. His play following the injury in game 2 continued to be impressive leading to little worry from the Celtics following. Though, our injury analyst does still have his reservations after seeing the specifics of the injury.

That will certainly leave an opening for Dallas to take their first W of the series at home. After coming up short in game 1 and 2, Luka and Kyrie will aim to put on a show against the banged up Boston team. They know that this opening may be their saving grace and will certainly look to capitalize as another loss tonight could be a series dagger.