Written by: Tyler Zajac

Fantasy Football

Below are a list of some 2022 players who I feel you may be able to pick up in later rounds of your draft that have a high ceiling and very good potential to boost your scores and thus winning potential this season.

K. Gainwell (PHI) - In his rookie season Gainwell showed some splashes of excellence behind Sanders and Scott. Rushing for 5 TDs and 291 yards he proved that he could step up and run hard. Fast forward to 2022 where he has moved up the depth chart and sits at the #2 spot just behind an injured Miles Sanders who has a hamstring injury (we know how those go with RB’s). I can see Gainwell getting more carries behind a beefy O-line that’s ranked #1 on most lists.

C. Olave (NO) - The 11th pick in the 2022 draft was a big playmaker at Ohio State last year. He was first team all Big Ten in 2020 and 2021. He comes into an offense on the saints that is getting Jameis Winston back after an ACL injury last year just as he started to show some real playmaking ability. He is in a room that boasts the likes of Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry, two guys he can watch and learn from and that may draw attention from the defense away from him. His counterparts have also had injured pasts and if the injury bug comes back around from them it may open him up to more opportunity. Rookie WRs are a tough sell as it usually takes a few years to get accustom to NFL play but the cards are in his favor to put up some good numbers.

C. Edmonds (MIA) - Edmonds is RB1 in Miami after leaving Arizona. Listen this one is a bit of a long shot I know but he comes to an offense that has a much better offensive line than last year. I didn’t say great I said better. Head coach Mike McDaniel was hired in 2017 to be the run game coordinator for the 49ers and then became their offensive coordinator. He knows what he’s doing in the run game and if he says this guy is his guy then I have faith that he knows why. Edmonds is versatile and can be used as a pass catcher out of the backfield as well. He can pick up points regardless of how they use him and could have a good year in a flex position.

R. Moore (ARI)

- With DeAndre Hopkins out the first 6 games of the season and Christian Kirk no longer in Arizona Rondale Moore has a chance to eat up more targets over the season. Marquise Brown is there now and may be a favorite of Kyler Murray given their past but Moore has shown that he can win routes and bring in passes last season when he was on the field. AJ Green has been average at best over the past few seasons so expect Moore to get some more looks and put up some points with some good growth from last season to current.

AJ Dillon (GB)

- I love this pick and think he has tremendous upside this year. He is going to split time with Aaron Jones but has shown in the past that he is a punishing rusher and ended last season with 803 yards rushing on 187 carries and 313 yards receiving on 34 receptions. With Davante Adams in Las Vegas now there will most likely be an uptick in volume at the RB position so even splitting time AJ Dillon should see better numbers. If Jones has has any injury issues expect those numbers to sky rocket.

D. Carr (LV) - This is a weird pick for me because I am in no way a Derek Carr fan. However, there is no denying the fact that Derek Carr finished last year as the 13th ranked QB (depending on scoring) in what was an absolute chaotic mess of a team with the Gruden issues and what not. Carr now has Josh McDaniels running the show, who if nothing else knows how to operate an offense. He has an absolute weapon in Davante Adams as well as slot receiver Hunter Renfrow who even Derwin James touted as one of the hardest receivers he’s had to guard. He will have to deal with some pressure most likely given the offensive line situation but as a veteran he should be able to put up some very good fantasy stats this season.