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Elevate your year-round game with our groundbreaking NFL player stats and injury analytics. For just $29 $19 a month (for the first month), gain unparalleled access to an insider’s vault of data meticulously collected and curated to inform your year-round discussions. Continue receiving cutting-edge injury analytics and player health updates throughout the off-season. Stay informed on player surgeries, rehab progress, and training camp performances that could significantly impact their on-field return. Perfect for fantasy league enthusiasts and bettors who want to make early, informed decisions for the upcoming season.

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What is The Banged Up Score (BUS)?

The Team BUS™ or “Banged Up Score™” is a proprietary algorithm that considers the overall health of a team as it relates to future performance. As we know from years of historical data, the combined health of players on a team can greatly impact the performance of that team in a negative way. As multiple injuries to the player start to add up these can impact gambling data including money lines, over/under and others. Many people look at matchups at face value only to find that if they dove into the health of the team as a whole, they would have better understood that the opponent had an advantage. The BUS score brings this to the surface and gives you a competitive advantage.

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