Fantasy Game of the Week - Week 4 (CIN vs MIA)

Written by: Tyler Zajac

Fantasy Football

As is always the case we must start with last week’s game and how we ended up. Remember I always write these using PPR scoring so all fantasy numbers will be according to that scoring system. If you remember last week, we broke down the Raiders vs Titans game. Two 0-2 teams that had something to prove. The Raiders had lost both their first two games by no more than 6 points and the Titans had one very close defeat and one absolute embarrassment of a game against the Bills.

Here were my predictions

- Raider’s Derek Carr: Better numbers than his previous two games
- Titan’s Ryan Tannehill: Keep him on your bench – No start for me

- Raider’s Josh Jacobs: Predicted better game than previous two due to continued volume
- Titan’s Derrick Oien Henry: Obviously a must start and said it would be the game to get him going this year

- Raider’s Davante Adams: Again a must start and I thought he would have a really good game due to Renfrow injury
- Titan’s Robert Woods: No Start for me – Low scoring past few games and predicted that would happen again
- Titan’s Treylon Burks: Solid averages first two week but I said to keep on bench due to Raiders pass rush and the time Tannehill would have in the pocket

- Raider’s Darren Waller – Predicted a solid outing for him and to start him in your leagues
- Titan’s Austin Hooper – Due to his first two weeks being terrible, that was an automatic bench for me

Prediction on W: The Raiders

Let’s look at the outcome

- Derek Carr: 20.82 FP’s - Correct
- Ryan Tanehill: 19.76 FP’s - Incorrect

- Josh Jacobs: 14.70 – Correct
- Derrick Oien Henry: 25.30 – Correct

- Davante Adams: 14.20FP’s – Incorrect
- Robert Woods: 12.50FP’s – Better than 1st two weeks but still not great
- Treylon Burks: 3.10FP’s – Correct

- Darren Waller: 5.20FP’s – Incorrect
- Austin Hooper: 3.90FP’s – Correct

Winner: Titans 24-22

Overall, it was an average week for me on predictions at 6-3 for player performance (granted I’m calling 14.7 by Davante Adams not a good game due to me saying he would have a big game) and the Raiders once again lost by a small margin. At the end of the day, it was great to watch Derrick Oien Henry do his thing though and get back to the runner we all know him to be.

This week we look to Thursday between the Super Bowl runner-up Cincinnati Bengals and the 3-0 Miami Dolphins who have been putting on a show as of late.

Let’s break it down!

This game has everything we want. Big names, a lot at stake, a ton of drama on both sides, a team playing better than everyone thought and a team playing worse, and of course some fire uniforms.

Bengals will wear these all-white uniforms Thursday Night against the Miami Dolphins:

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 27, 2022

The real question is what to do with the players on the field and how do we use them in our lineups.

Starting with the Bengals we have Joe Shiesty , Joe Brrr, Joey Franchise himself Joe Burrow. Even with his offensive line not helping him at all Burrow has still managed to have some decent games. Week 1 putting up 22.2 points and last week 23. His worst week was week 2 in which he accumulated 16.5. He is a must start this week against a team that may be 3-0 but one that has given up a lot of yards through the air this season. Not only do I think you start him, but I see him having his best game yet this year. He just needs a little help from his offensive line to stay upright.

Tua Tagovailoa has a lot of drama surrounding him following his week 3 match-up in which he took a big hit and fell back down to the ground after trying to get up. The NFLPA is now launching an investigation into the concussion protocol for player safety reasons after Tua was allowed to return to the game. The team has said that he had back spasms and now that he is dealing with ankle soreness, and he isn’t 100% a go on Thursday. For that reason, I say keep him on your bench and keep Teddy Bridgewater on your bench as well because. I don’t see him coming in and doing anything spectacular against the middle of the pack Cincy secondary.

Joe Mixon has had a variable start to the year. After going 1st/2nd round in almost every draft he started the year off as expected and then has put up two subpar games the past two weeks. Miami is 20th in rushing yards allowed per game. For that reason (and for the fact that if you drafted him in rounds 1/2 you have faith in him) you have to start him. I think he will end up in the mid-teens this week. A solid game to get him back on the train to consistency.

Chase Edmonds is killing people right now with his volume. Everyone expected him to be able to step it up with Mike McDaniels running the show. He has been decent in the games that he finds the endzone. The problem has been that the games he doesn’t he doesn’t have the volume to make up for it. Cincinnati’s defense is 8th in rushing yards allowed which doesn’t lead me to want to play him. If Tua is out they may lean a little heavier on the run game, but Miami is 31st out of 32 in rushing yards per game. I will say this: he is a decent flex option due to his scoring opportunities, but I wouldn’t put him as your RB1/2.


Cincy has some good options with Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd and of course Jamar Chase. Jamar is a must start of course. He hasn’t been the Jamar we wanted to see thus far, and he is still putting up big numbers. Boyd is a good flex option as he can be a bit inconsistent but does have a TD in 2 of 3 games and has been a reliable target for Burrow when he looks his way. Higgins is the most volatile this week as he is dealing with a toe injury and Thursday’s game doesn’t give him a lot of time to recover. He has been very unpredictable because of injuries week to week. I would personally keep him on the bench this week.

On Miami’s side a lot has to do with Tua vs Teddy playing. The good news is Teddy plays with the same style as Tua, and has the ability to move around as well. With that said chemistry is a huge part of game connections so we could see a decrease in WR performance from Miami receivers this week if Tua is out. You still must play Tyreek Hill because he is a freak of nature and can make plays at any time and from anywhere on the field. Jaylen Waddle has also been having a good year and with Cincinnati ranking 14th in passing yards allowed per game I think that Waddle has a good opportunity this game. He is dealing with a groin injury however which could limit him this week. Groin injuries can really slow down skilled positions and because of that I could see Jaylen as a solid flex option this week but may look elsewhere for a WR1/2.

Hayden Hurst has not shown any big playmaker sparks this season and a recent groin injury will limit this even further. He shouldn’t be in your lineup this week. He is only rostered in about 30% of leagues so my guess is that you aren’t thinking about putting him in but if you are I wouldn’t.

Mike Gesicki for the Dolphins has had two bad games logging 1 reception per game. His week 2 performance included a TD and one of the worst griddy celebrations we have seen to date. He should stay on your bench until he shows consistency.

With that we come to an end. For an extra tidbit of info, I would stay away from both defenses this week as both offenses are high powered and we could see some good scoring but if you have to choose one Cincy has the better numbers overall.

With that said I think Cincy improves to 2-2 this week and Miami gets their first loss. I think that happens whether Tua plays or not to be totally honest. The Bengals that everyone seems to have given up on are still a great team. Remember they lost their first game off some bad kicking and week 2 they lost by 3 points. Miami has been playing well but they are dealing with adversity right now which they have been notoriously bad at dealing with in the past. I think we are looking at a change of tides this Thursday. Plus, I mean the White jerseys… Bengals already got the W.