Fantasy Football Frenzy: Week's Top Waiver Wire Heroes!

Written by: Derrick Oien

Fantasy Football

Josh Dobbs Running with Football

Hello, Fantasy Football enthusiasts! After a brief hiatus due to Mrs. Fantasy Football's surgery (she's doing great, thanks for asking!), we're back with a bang, just in time to turbocharge your team for the playoffs!

🏈 Quarterback Quest 🏈

- Josh Dobbs: Remember when I recommended him after Cousins' mishap? If he's still lurking in the waiver wire, it's a fantasy crime! He's sizzling in Minnesota's offense, even without Justin Jefferson. A must-grab if available.

- Jordan Love: Love's journey's been a bit of a rollercoaster, but let's focus on the facts: he's the season's QB15. On the cusp of being a starter, he's a valuable asset, especially with players dropping left and right.

- Carson Wentz: With Stafford back, Wentz might seem like a long shot. But, hey, football is unpredictable! If Stafford falters, it's Wentz time. He's had his moments of glory; why not a comeback? A Hail Mary pick, but could pay off!

🏈 Running Back Rundown 🏈

- Devin Singletary: Pierce is out, and Singletary is in, powering Houston's incredible offense led by Stroud. Is he driving towards MVP, or at least Rookie of the Year? Bet on Singletary until he runs out of steam.

- Keaton Mitchell: Like a lightning bolt in Baltimore's offense, Mitchell is a force to reckon with. If you're over Edwards and Hill, Mitchell is your man.

- Ty Chandler: The next star in line! Chandler's prospects look bright with Dobbs excelling. He's set to start and could bring a bounty of points.

🏈 Wide Receiver Wonders 🏈

- Noah Brown: Following Dobbs and Mitchell's trail, Brown's last two weeks have been phenomenal, ranking as WR4. He's likely available and a smart add with Stroud's heat.

- Tank Dell: Hot on Brown's heels, Dell is WR3 over the last two weeks. He might be a rare find on waivers, but if he's there, snatch him up!

- OBJ: A bit of a wildcard, but OBJ's recent uptick can't be ignored. If you're in a tight spot, he might just be your savior.

🏈 Tight End Treasure 🏈

- Taysom Hill: A unique pick, Hill's value could skyrocket, especially with Carr's injury. If he's up for grabs, don't hesitate. He's a potential red-zone magnet.

As the playoffs loom, it's crunch time! Make those smart picks, and let's secure those wins!🏆🏈🌟