Caleb Williams Chasing Eight Rings

Written by: Tyler Zajac

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Caleb Williams at Bears Practice

For many making it to the NFL in any capacity is a dream in and of itself. For those who do, being a top pick, pro bowler, Super Bowl champion or Hall of Famer might be the goal. For the Bears new franchise QB none of that is enough. For Caleb Williams he is looking to surpass Tom Brady with eight Super Bowl rings.

That is not a typo. During a recent talk on “The Pivot” podcast Williams said “I want to play at one place for 20 years and chase one guy, No. 12” and on his screen under “First Pick in the draft” he had “Superbowls x8” typed out as a constant reminder of what he aims to achieve. He went on to discuss how the personal achievements all get swept under those types of team goals.

Recently Tom Brady responded on NFL network and in the way that only someone who has reached the pinnacle of success that he has can do, explained just how hard that is to actually complete. Making sure that he mentioned he would never tell a young athlete they couldn’t reach their goals he went into depth about the motivation needed and the struggles to win even one Super Bowl let alone eight.

Caleb has already met many goals that he set for himself from a young age including winning the Heisman and that 1st pick in the NFL draft. He has certainly faced challenges along the way but eight titles is in an entirely different league when it comes to what it takes as is evident by the fact that no one has ever done it before.

I have said publicly on our podcast that Caleb Williams has what I feel is the best offensive targets as a whole for a starting rookie QB this year and that I still think he will struggle but I will say that this is the type of mentality you need to win ball games. Actions speak much louder than words though and the effort on and off the field has to match the words and letters he types out on his phone.

There has been a ton of talk about his character, effort, selfishness and selflessness, love for the game, emotion, personality and so much more since his last game as USC. We have heard snippets good and bad from teammates, coaches, scouts and media. All of that doesn’t matter though because as the GOAT (Tom Brady) himself says “ You have to believe in your process” and if Caleb can find that process and do just that maybe he can prove everyone wrong.

If you ask me right now I would tell you that no I don’t think Williams will win eight. Not just because of him as a player but because of everything that has to come together to win even one. But hey…maybe I’m just another hater.