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In the fiercely competitive realms of fantasy football and sports betting, success hinges on having the right data at your fingertips. Predictors Insiders PRO is not just a service; it's your secret weapon. It's about transforming data into actionable insights that give you an undeniable edge. Health data is more than just injury reports; it's about understanding the full performance potential of each player and team. With Predictors Insiders PRO, you get an unparalleled view of the NFL landscape, turning uncertainty into strategy, and guesses into wins. It's time to elevate your approach with data-driven confidence.

Dominate Your League and Betting Circles

With Predictors Insiders PRO, available to you for just $19/month, you're not just watching the game; you're one step ahead of it. This is where serious players turn to gain serious advantages. Are you ready to join them?

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Your PRO Membership Unlocks:

All Positional BUS™ Score

Comprehensive health and readiness scores for every position on the field.

Player BUS™ Score

Individual player health scores, giving you a detailed look at each player's game-day potential.

Player Performance Score

Cutting-edge metrics that evaluate player performance, beyond the basic stats.

Trending Fantasy Player

Stay ahead of the curve with insights on players gaining momentum in the fantasy realm.

Extra Exclusive Podcast

Deeper insights and expert analysis, exclusively for PRO members.

Everything in the Free Tier

The newsletter, Predictors Podcast, YouTube content, weekly top performers, news articles, exclusive commentary, and detailed player pages.

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Level up today!

Those who use The Predictors data have an immediate competitive advantage over everyone in their fantasy leagues because they have found the last piece to complete the winning puzzle…health.

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