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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

The latest stats in fantasy football from around the NFL

Player Performance Score

PPS is a proprietary score (which ranges from 0-100) that reflects player health, performance, and game situation. It utilizes proprietary algorithms to bring you a player’s overall game specific rating and how likely they are to perform at their predicted performance levels.

Trending Fantasy Players

In the dynamic world of fantasy football, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Trending Fantasy Players are those athletes who are currently generating a lot of buzz and attention within the fantasy football community. They might be emerging rookies, players on hot streaks, or individuals with favorable matchups. By keeping an eye on these trending players, fantasy managers can capitalize on opportunities, make strategic pickups or trades, and stay competitive in their leagues. These are the players everyone is talking about, and they can be game-changers for your fantasy team.

Weekly Top Performers (PPR)

In the world of football fantasy, the Weekly Top Performers are the players who truly shine on the field during a specific game week. These are the individuals who amass the highest number of fantasy points through their exceptional performances. Whether it's a quarterback launching pinpoint passes, a running back bulldozing through defenses, or a wide receiver making incredible catches, these top performers are the ones every fantasy manager dreams of having on their team. They're the stars of the week, and having them can make all the difference in your fantasy football success.

Weekly Predicted Fantasy Points (PPR)

Anticipating the future is a crucial aspect of fantasy football, and that's where Weekly Predicted Fantasy Points come into play. These projections are based on a combination of statistical analysis, player performance history, matchup considerations and of course injury. They offer valuable insights into how many fantasy points a player is expected to score in the upcoming game week. Whether you're deciding who to start, sit, or trade, these predictions provide a data-driven foundation for your fantasy football strategy, helping you make informed decisions and maximize your team's potential.