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The Banged Up Score™

The Predictors health ranking system, combining all the important information into an easy to understand score of 0-100

The Positional BUS™

The Positional BUS™ or “Banged Up Score™” is a proprietary algorithm that evaluates the health of each teams’ positional groups. When you look at health as a whole, positional injury becomes very important, determining which team has the healthier match-up or which quarterback is more injured can make the difference between two closely matched teams. We are here to help you with that and put you in the know so you can make the best decisions possible

Week: 21

Positional BUS DET @ SF

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The Player BUS™

The Player BUS™ or “Banged Up Score™” is a proprietary algorithm that evaluates individual player health history. Looking at the players health history allows new insights to emerge for both fantasy players and gamblers on how players may perform due to health alone. Player’s injury history may not be a surprise but how they may play because of certain injuries is an unknown and has been for years. Now you can look at players readiness for performance based on something as small as an in-game eye poke up to an ACL and our historical data can help determine how they return from injury. All players are different and it’s time we start treating them this way.

The Team Banged Up Score (BUS™)

The Team BUS™ or “Banged Up Score™” is a proprietary algorithm that considers the overall health of a team as it relates to future performance. As we know from years of historical data, the combined health of players on a team can greatly impact the performance of that team in a negative way. As multiple injuries to the player start to add up these can impact gambling data including money lines, over/under and others. Many people look at matchups at face value only to find that if they dove into the health of the team as a whole, they would have better understood that the opponent had an advantage. The BUS score brings this to the surface and gives you a competitive advantage.

NBA Banged Up Score